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Aidan Power dropped into studio today - we made him special jingles and everything!


Pamela’s been on:

Hi Ray

Last night on the Apprentice, the guy from Samsung said that “Ready Steady Jet” was cheesy.  Check out their website



ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 29 12.51

The cheeky sods!


donal's out...

Donal Proctor was the second person to be kicked off TV3's The Apprentice, and he stopped in for a chat.


meet vince...

Would you like the chance to meet a Hollywood movie star? Maybe, someone who went out with Jennifer Aniston? No silly, it's not John Mayer. It's VINCE VAUGHN!

Please click this link for more info!


it's just lazy...

The next Lazy Radio tour date will stop at Karma Nightclub in Athlone, on Thursday 8th October!

Doors open at 10.30pm and tickets can be purchased from the club box office, or email

See you there!


Baz Ashmawy stopped into studio today, only a week late! We'll forgive him though, because he brought Ray a cool medallion and some rude jellies, of the boob and willy variety.

Catch his new show Culture Clash, 10.25pm tonight (Monday) on RTÉ 2.

Here are the jellies! Thanks Baz.



People of Ireland... has anyone noticed how massively big the spiders are getting in this fair isle. I’ve travelled a bit in the world and seen a few icky spiders but I suppose I expected them in jungles in South American or the Outback in Oz.

But sitting on the loo in my mams last night a MONSTER Spider blocked the doorway. OK so not exactly blocked the doorway but it may as well have!

In I went, locked the door behind me, and when I turned to use the loo… I saw it, a monster! In total size I’m talking larger than the palm of my hand. The legs weren’t spindly either – thick ones with hair! I freaked. I knew I didn’t like spiders but I didn’t know I was petrified of them. Frozen to the spot I started screaming for help when my mam from the other side of the door had to talk me down and convince me to approach the door and try to turn the key. Ok so I’m an adult, about to bring a child into the world – I can do this.

I walk towards the door, the spider is definitely looking at me at this stage, and 2 steps from the keys – meltdown! Crying, panic attack, shallow breathing.. did I mention crying. I can’t open the door. So it’s me, the giant spider and a tiny window. I’m weighing up the chances of fitting out the window, which aren’t very likely, but I’m thinking about it! I defo won’t fit so back to listening to my mother who reckons I’ll put myself into early labour if I don’t calm down. So 5 more minutes of calm convincing from my mother and I manage on the 6th attempt to get to the key ( inches from the monster) to turn it and turn on my heel.

In Mammy comes and saves the day. So I’m totally hyperventilating and my husband laughs at me…… ‘it wasn’t THAT big’ he says – it couldn’t have been, Well it’s just mush now so I cant prove it but my mam backs me up, my sister saw it too – she backs me up, but he still laughs saying they are not that big in Ireland.

So help me… are they? Have you had the guts to take a picture instead of screaming like a girl. Can you help me prove monster spiders DO exist in Ireland?

Some pics below of what it kind of looked like but as I say its mush now so I can’t say for sure….

I’m still not right!

Check out Ann and Al's New Podcast Episode - Episode II - Attack of the Jones - HERE!

Piece and Love...

Al xxx

hitler REALLY liked oasis...

I love this...



jamie cullum...

Jamie Cullum stopped into studio today for a song and a chat - he performed "Ain't Gonna Let You Down" for us, and did a fantastic job!

Look at him in these pictures:

And here's Jamie trying out a more moody pose...



Isn't this a bloody great video?

And damn. One of 'em is a sexy fox! I mean Joe, of course.

Much love, boys and girl!


the guinness test...

Earlier today JP and Ann (yes, me) had a little competition in the spirit of Arthur's Day - JP and I pulled, and ran with a pint from the Hairy Lemon and Peter's Pub respectively, back to Today FM studios for an appearance and taste test from Ray and Nordy Eoghan. JP won! The swine.

Here are some pics of it:

Pints for Foley!

Eoghan prepares for the taste test


Now it's Ray's turn!

Mine on the left, JP's on the right. Damn him!

Windows release their next (and excellent) operating system, Windows 7 next month – and they’re trying to get people talking to eachother about it. By throwing parties in their homes. And everyone sits around the computer and laughs like loons:

Those guys are so natural, I can’t believe I’ve not seen them in any big-screen stuff.

It’s the daftest idea I’ve ever heard. When people come over to my house we get pissed and play SingStar.


Andy’s been on:

Ray( B-Day Boy), JP, Adele,

A few of the lads were away traveling for the year, and they clearly had too much time on their hands, so they made their own version of a Westlife Video.

Now I think it is absolutely hilarious, but that might be just because I know the lads, so maybe you could have a look, and if you find it as funny as me, you could stick it on the blog for others to see. And then we'll know if its really funny!

Needs sound.

I think it’s funny as fuck.


dust in case...

There's mad goings on in Australia at the moment, did you hear? Take a look at this vid, taken in a similar dust storm in December 2007...


the coronas...

The Coronas boys were in studio today! With Michael McMullan on drums.


first out...

Craig Butler was the first person at the end of Uncle Bill's firing finger last night on The Apprentice, and he stopped in for a chat today on the show!

ray's birthday...

Happy birthday Ray! The ripe old age of 29...

justin lee collins...

Our latest friend of the show Justin Lee Collins is in for a chat, his new book is called "Good Times" and he's signing in Eason's, O'Connell Street, Dublin tomorrow. And he's lovely!

JLC and the team...

Ray gets one of the world famous hugs...

Some number swappage...

h is dead...

H from Steps is dead...

Robert Spain...Thank you for sending this in.

It might be the ol hormones but this made me laugh so hard ...Thank you !

fuh-king awwwwwwwww-some...

This, my friends, is the commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone... Can't wait!

Piece and luv...


I have much love for this…


I know I’m very late to this party:



There’s a song stuck in my head.

Before X-Factor or American Idol ever trod the well-worn path between TV and music, way back in the 60’s when The Avengers was kicking off in Britain, the success of the show (and especially the footwear of it’s female star, Honor Blackman who would later become Pussy Galore) prompted the people behind it to release a song to make a few more quid.

More here:

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 03 17.34ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 03 17.33 

The boys of the moment (again) Vic & Bob used it in Catterick:

And it’s on constant rotate in my brain.

I think if I play it on the radio it might cause a riot.


how do they do this...


Piece and luv