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I'm back from the gym and buzzed about a new idea. Well, like most (if not all) of my ideas, it's certainly been done before... but I'VE never done it - so I wanna try it out.

A couple of years ago, I had the exceptionally good fortune to be brought along to an intimate Red Hot Chili Peppers gig in London, for the launch of their Stadium Arcadium album. It was the best craic - they (RHCP) were actually only supposed to play a couple of new tunes for something shitty like fifteen minutes for the couple of hundred people who were there, but they were in such good form that they played for a couple of hours - and a load of classic stuff. Once they wrapped up though it was still fairly early, and so there we were, ten or twelve Irish radio people, on a free jolly in London, buzzed having just watched RHCP incinerate the roof of this wee club, and wondering: "What now?"

Well, we bailed into a taxi, and ended up in this odd dance club, which was mostly outside. Since it was nly around eleven, the place was dead - and the pricks ripped us off trying to get into the place. It was only once we got in we realized what a dump it was. The weather wasn't great either, it was wet and cold, and we were all sitting outside, freezing, and talking quietly because we were the only people in the place.

"Fuck this!" shouts one bright-spark, and we bail into another cab, and end up outside a highly-recommended spot. Out the front, the place was hopping. Queue down the street, the music sounded cracking, and it definitely seemed like our kinda joint. We get in the queue, which is moving quickly - even better - and a few of us (maybe half) pay in. The rest of us are about to hand over our dough when we realize: it's a gay night. Now, I'd never been to a gay night before, and as open-minded as I like to think myself, my immediate reaction was "ah, no thanks" but since everyone else had paid in, what option did we have? So we hand over the pounds and head on in.

As it happens, the negative reaction to it being a gay night was typically retarded. It would seem that my rugged Irish good-looks just aren't what the London gays are into. Well, either that or they could smell my innate straightness. Anyway, the fact it was a gay night was besides the point. You see, it was what they called an "alternative" gay night. And it was exactly what you'd expect. A gay night with alternative music.

And what a fucking brilliant night it was. For hours, the DJ was banging out tunes from Oasis, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Garbage, Blur, Stone Roses and more - way more... and I thought "I would love to DJ a night like this!"

Back to this evening, and Fire from Kasabian was playing in the gym, and I'm really looking forward to heading out tonight. As the chorus kicked in, I really wanted to dance like a loon to it - it's just a brilliant song - and it got me thinking: would this song work at a lazy radio night? No is the answer. It's just not cheese. The whole point of lazy radio is that the music is appallingly plastic. Kasabian just wouldn't fit.

So, I thought, what about a night of ALL alternative/rock tunes that you really fucking want to dance to, a la the way Lazy Radio is all pop/cheese/trash?

Even-lazier radio, anyone?


here come the girls...

Aren't the Foo Fighters great!

I’m on the website for my gym (checking their opening hours) and they have this pic:

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 29 18.54

That guy isn’t working out! He’s perving! Look at his hands – his technique is shite!





let's rock...

Karl Spain popped in to talk about his new show "Karl Spain wants to Rock" Mondays at 10.30pm on RTÉ Two...

Look at them. Staring lovingly at each other. It's so nice!


ann and al's podcast...

It's here kids, Ann and Al's Podcast Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (in Galway)

Get it HERE!

Excuse the title, that was Ann's job...

Love you all!

Al xx

You can see Brian's website at



A website about a mysterious man that thousands of people around the world claim to have seen in their dreams has become an online sensation.

The site claims the picture was drawn by a woman, who says she repeatedly saw his face as she slept, for her psychiatrist in 2006. She said she had never met him before in real life, but was able to picture him vividly.

Her psychiatrist kept the pencilled picture on his desk and when another patient saw it, he too claimed the man had often appeared in his dreams. The baffled doctor, it says, then sent off the picture to some colleagues who showed it to their patients - many of whom also recognised the strange face. The picture was posted on the web - and within just two weeks has become one of the most visited sites online.

It would appear that this very cool wee feature isn't working. I've been restarting my xbox every ten minutes, waiting for the update... but no sign of it. More here. CLICK! or here CLICK!

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flash... aaaagghh...

Here's the Oprah
flash mob dance thingy we were just talking about on air...



Brendan Moore was the latest person fired from Bill's board room...


Maria Loughran was booted off The Apprentice last night...

sweet jesus...

John and Edward pronounce the word especially "eckspecially"... Enough said.




if wanna listen to my boring life...

Funky Fone Boy Al is TWEETING!

Why? Dunno... Seem's to be the cool thing to do...

Much love, and check out the new podcast Episode IV - A New Fallop(ian tube) HERE!

Much love... Axx


Tomorrow, I interview a giant:

Literally - he's like, twelve foot tall. No lazy radio, I'm afraid - but we'll have the craic in any case.


ann and al's podcast...

Sorry for the delay guys! Listen to the latest installment of Ann and Al's Podcast - Episode IV: A New Fallop (ian tube)




p.s. That's Tina Arena by the way. You'll get it when you listen.

how much time must you have...

Love it...



Jennifer Quinn was booted off The Apprentice last night...


live in athlone...

Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Karma Nightclub, Athlone last Thursday. A great night was had by all!

Don't we look nice?


Lenny, of Red FM’s KC’n’Lenny has been on. JP and he hooked up at the radio awards last week. I wasn’t able to go and bask in the glory of my multi-award winning.:

Hi Ray,

Hope you’re well?

It was disappointing not to meet you as I have heard so much about you’re “Mother Teresa, Jesus,  Peter Andre” like presence around mere mortals but it was great to meet JP. In his John the Baptist role the other night JP or should I say JB reflected the self effacing light many of us sidekicks exude. He knows my pain.

Anywho, here is a picture which I thought ye might enjoy.

After refusing my challenge offer for ‘Running or Swimming’ it turns out we chose boxing instead!


Go well,



I’ve been wanting to do that for years.


press empire...

Press empire are three musicians that busk regularly around the Grafton Street area, JP spotted them and we decided to have them in to perform some covers for us... They were great!


That's JP's desk in the background.

setanta's out...

Setanta Landers was the third person to be kicked out of Uncle Bill's board room yesterday on The Apprentice on TV3...


Hey folks, check out Ann and Al's new podcast - Episode III - Revenge of the Tit(th)


Al xxx