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Hey folks,

ann and i have kicked off our own site... the url is shit at the moment, but we'll get it sorted ASAP!

Check out the site, and the PODCAST - Episode IX - The Fear... you know, like the Lilly Allen song?!

Love you...



Text: FLOOD, then YOUR NAME, then YOUR DONATION AMOUNT to 51500, and someone will call you back within 24 hours.


Call SVP: 01 8386990

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 26 17.21

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you can’t have missed the devastation suffered in the west, the midlands and south of the country as a result of severe flooding.

A month before Christmas, people are being forced out of their homes, with everything they own wrecked and ruined by the still-rising floodwater, and the rest of us are wondering how we can help.

Well, for those of you that may have a practical, physical contribution to make (ie - if you have a van, duvets, beds, couches or anything else that can be used to help people rebuild their lives, or if you have a skillset as a builder, carpenter, truckdriver or painter) then there’s a website: – you can also try your local St Vincent de Paul – a full list of locations can be found here:

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 26 17.35

And if you have a national radio show (like me) you can try and raise a few quid! So, this Friday afternoon, we need your cash. On the show, we’ll be:

  • giving on-air plugs to businesses that donate to SVP – the more you give, the more you get – email the show first
  • randomly giving away prizes to donators…
  • running auctions for signed jerseys, holidays away and more…
  • doing “JP’s Swearathon”.
  • begging you for cash.

Come join us – The Ray Foley Show. 12 Midday. Today FM.



We played this on the show on Friday. Loads of people have asked for the clip, so here it is.


I never knew that Laurence Fishburne was “Larry”.

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 21 22.20

It just doesn’t seem appropriate for Morpheus to have such a casual name.

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 21 22.20


a new low...

A new low in reality TV? Was that even possible?

It's bad enough it features Tracy Morgan without a 30 Rock script but Scare Tactics is the Punk'd style show that just scares the crap out of people:

Well, it is original.



ann and al's podcast...

Get your podcast! Here's your podcast! Suffice to say, there's a new podcast here for you to listen to - Ann and Al's Podcast: Episode VII - Where You Bean?

Thank you.

That is all.


This is a track from Will.I.Am’s 2007 album, Songs About Girls.

It came out way before Estelle & Kanye.

I just never knew American Boy was a lashed-together job. But they did nothing with it! Lazy sods.


ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 16 17.43

It comes out on Friday.


Something that's always annoyed us while we're recording the podcast is that nobody can hear what we're doing while we're doing it. Most of what we do on the show (and even moreso on the podcast) is to provoke a reaction, and getting that reaction, be it positive or negative, is kinda what the whole buzz of radio is about.

Podcast listeners always email us that they listen to the podcast as though it were a live radio show and feel like texting in, only to remember that it's old material that's been recorded hours ago.

So, over the last couple of podcasts, we've been playing around with the idea of streaming the recording of the podcast-only bit live online, and we've finally settled on a service called ustream:

This cool wee site lets you stream live audio or video or both to multiple users - for free! You're not obliged to install any proprietary software, and I'm told the quality on the listening end is brilliant. We tested it out today (as you may hear in the podcast) and we'll most likely be good-to-go tomorrow.

So what does this mean for the regular podcast downloader? Nothing, the podcast will be recorded and uploaded to iTunes and as normal - it's just that you'll also be able to listen to us record it while we're recording it if you like.

For those of you who haven't tried out the podcast, we start taping it the minute we finish on the radio every day, and we record for as long as the studio is available or for as long as we feel like talking. Then, we stick the best bits from that day's show on the end of the download.

With this live stream, if you're listening to us while we're recording, we can see your reaction while we're on. It should be a laugh for a while anyway. It'll be just like being on the radio - except there are no rules. There's an option to send video on the broadcast too - and that's something we're looking at for video updates in the future, merging the podcast and the old vid updates into one. It's kinda exciting.

If you want to join the party, join us after the radio show on on your PC or Mac - or using the ustream iPhone app from the app store. Cool, huh?


This is Rover! He is nearly 6. He is From Cork. He is homeless. His master passed away recently and no one wanted him. My friend is currently minding him but has two dogs of her own and cannot keep him. His temperament is sweet and friendly but a little cautious. He has no experience with children but is good with other dogs & cats. He is neutered, wormed and all the rest. He will not walk on a lead he just lies down on the ground and refuses to move. But when out, he never strays far and will walk to heel, which is fantastic and he never seems to roam.He lived outdoors but his master used to bring him in from time to time so I'd imagine he is house trained.

If you know anyone ANYONE who might home Rover email the show and ill put you in touch…

He is CUTE AS!


It would seem that Martin Sheen has been replaced in my actors-I-would-do-even-though-I'm-straight affections by Alec Baldwin.

I know, it came as a suprise to me too - and imagine how he's gonna react. But hear me out. Sheen's just over the hill, he's past it, he's yesterday's news. And see how effortlessly cool, charming and funny Baldwin is with my future ex third-wife, Tina Fey?

He is the man.



Jowly Foley!

The fucking head on me.

To be fair, if we were a couple, Nikki O'Callaghan of The Apprentice fame would be dramatically bringing up the average. Her new website is here.



I know. Sick'n'wrong.


Fuck me! 600k a year! I'm only making two-thirds of that!


Things are getting interesting down CSI way. Miami, Vegas and NY are coming together. Cool!


From the comments, Paul says:

Sky Player is up and running now. We tested it and posted details on our SmartStuff facebook page. Microsoft and Sky were running more testing last weekend and now it seems to be working well. One issue we found was with the sound which did not work all the time. Other than that the application works well with buffer times short even on the high quality video setting and navigation to content easy and fast. |overall we really like it.

I think I may be in love with it. Except for the pricing which is a little bit steep for comfort.



to mo or not to mo...

Here's how its looking after 7 days... any ideas for styles? It's time to start shaving...

Love ya


Episode VI is here!

And Here

And Here too...

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Love ya


Here's Ann and her Rocky look... She has NEVER seen a Rocky Movie!

For Shame...

Love ya...


Nordy Eoghan and JP are participating in Movember - the charity event where you grow a 'tache for the month of November. There's uproar on the texts, however - because the boys appear to be flouting the rules, as stated on the website

What do you think?  Here's the latest snap of the dynamic duo: