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istream on ustream...

Something that's always annoyed us while we're recording the podcast is that nobody can hear what we're doing while we're doing it. Most of what we do on the show (and even moreso on the podcast) is to provoke a reaction, and getting that reaction, be it positive or negative, is kinda what the whole buzz of radio is about.

Podcast listeners always email us that they listen to the podcast as though it were a live radio show and feel like texting in, only to remember that it's old material that's been recorded hours ago.

So, over the last couple of podcasts, we've been playing around with the idea of streaming the recording of the podcast-only bit live online, and we've finally settled on a service called ustream:

This cool wee site lets you stream live audio or video or both to multiple users - for free! You're not obliged to install any proprietary software, and I'm told the quality on the listening end is brilliant. We tested it out today (as you may hear in the podcast) and we'll most likely be good-to-go tomorrow.

So what does this mean for the regular podcast downloader? Nothing, the podcast will be recorded and uploaded to iTunes and as normal - it's just that you'll also be able to listen to us record it while we're recording it if you like.

For those of you who haven't tried out the podcast, we start taping it the minute we finish on the radio every day, and we record for as long as the studio is available or for as long as we feel like talking. Then, we stick the best bits from that day's show on the end of the download.

With this live stream, if you're listening to us while we're recording, we can see your reaction while we're on. It should be a laugh for a while anyway. It'll be just like being on the radio - except there are no rules. There's an option to send video on the broadcast too - and that's something we're looking at for video updates in the future, merging the podcast and the old vid updates into one. It's kinda exciting.

If you want to join the party, join us after the radio show on on your PC or Mac - or using the ustream iPhone app from the app store. Cool, huh?



  1. Bernard said...
    Sweeeeeet can't wait for the premiere!
    osheacolm said...
    does that mean ye are always going to be minding what your saying? Like when you read a phone number out or Ann makes a slanderous comment about a former teacher
    Ray said...
    There'll be a little greater regard for defamation, alright... but I think we've largely learned our lessons. We very rarely edit out stuff these days.
    Feck_it said...
    Also might be some use to some people is

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