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I like the look of this:

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 17 16.43 

Except it doesn’t look like it’d hold much – and it might look daft on me.

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 17 16.44



This seems dirtier than it is.


Mickey Rourke?

Larry Shandling?

Scarlett Johansson?

Don Cheadle?

Two suits?



From the website


eh, no?

A mate of mine is there.

…but it sounds a lot like what I’d say:

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work



ann and al's podcast...

Episode XI - Apprentish? Get it

Thank you all.



my night...

Ray & Stephen Higgins

Ray & Steve Rayner


Fair play to Sony Music... I just got Joe's new single!

Poor Olly. His version is out there somewhere in the internet... never to be heard again.



desk job…

ScreenHunter_03 Dec. 13 13.39 

From Gizmodo.




In spite of appearances from Chris Moyles and Steve Wright's hair, this is a really lovely tribute to (our) Uncle Terry (Wogan) who hangs up his headphones after helming the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show spanning three decades.

Chris Evans (his replacement from next year) is loud though, isn't he?

I remember I used to listen to Wogan every morning during my final year in college on the NTL - and he really does have an amazing capacity to calm and relax, while eliciting the odd guilty giggle. His rapport with his team and his audience is top class and, although I've only very occasionally surfed in to listen to him online in the last four years, it'll be kindof sad that he won't be an option anymore.

I've heard him on the D'arcy show a couple of times since, and listened slack-jawed as he effortlessly just took Ray up on his radio knee, patted him on the radio head and called him a good little boy for trying his best - Evans has a bloody tough gig ahead of him.

Terry Wogan: legend.


A couple of months back, when Vodafone announced they’d be nabbing the iPhone once exclusivity expired with O2, I went for a gander on their website. This page let me enter my details and register for updates whenever they’d become available:

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 10 18.11

I got a call this morning from Anthony on behalf of Vodafone to thank me for my interest and to tell me that the iPhone would not be available until next year but they had an exciting new offer for people moving over to Vodafone over the Christmas period: you can port over onto an 18-month contract, get a 16GB iPhone 3GS, the new Vodafone-standard 2GB data, and then double your monthly texts and calls allowance for the first twelve months.

The plan most similar to the O2 plan I currently have is at a similar price point (€65-€70) and it includes 300 minutes… so I’d get 600 minutes a month for a year? Schweet! I also asked about the wife’s phone situation, and he said that they have a tariff at €35 a month – except you get no free texts or calls for that price, which is a bit shit.

He was a lovely chap – Scottish – and said he’s email me the details. That email hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll let you know as soon as it does.

Meantime, let’s start a discussion about apps. Pete just got a new iPhone and here’s my list of recommendations:

Wunderradio - streaming radio from the internet while you're walking round town. You can listen to anything. ANYTHING!
Evernote - Make a note (audio, video or text) on your iPhone and it appears like magic on your work or home computer.
Ireland's Phone Book - never pay for 11850, 11811 ever again
Shazam - What's that tune?
Facebook (if you facebook)
Twitterrific (if you twitter)
Dublin Rail (if you Dart)
Camerabag - to make your photos look cool
ReelDirector - to chop videos together in a home-movie style
xe - currency conversion
Flight Control - addictive game
Paper Toss - addictive game
Towerbloxx - addictive game
Gpush - app that notifies you of a new gmail email (like on blackberry, you instantly get your email)

Anything to add?

UPDATE! Anthony’s email arrived this morning – at 2am!

Dear Mr Foley ,

Thank you for speaking with us today. Please note the iphone is sold on an 18 month agreement. The tariffs that you can connect to are as follows,

Perfect Choice Access Plus is €35 per month
Perfect Choice Access Plus 150 is €49.99
Perfect Choice Access Plus 300 is €64.99
Perfect Choice Access Plus 500 is €84.99
Perfect Choice Access Plus 700 is €99.99

All of our Perfect Choice Access Plus plans include free Vodafone to
Vodafone calls and texts and 2GB of data usage. If you port onto the
Vodafone network you will receive double minutes and double texts for
12 months (until 06/01/10). The number after the price plan indicates
how many inclusive minutes and texts are provided. For instance,
Perfect Choice Access Plus 150 has 150 minutes and texts.

If you want a more detailed explanation of the price plans have a
quick look on the Vodafone website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1907


Look what I got for Christmas!


Good GOD! To be treasured for life!

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 10 17.48

It’s on sale in HMV, Golden Discs and Tower Records. And it’s effing cool.


Nordy was reviewing this today:

Not this:


Tonight in The Wright Venue! Swords! Dublin!

Now with added Christmas cheese!

Get tickets on Ticketmaster!


ann and al's podcast...

New podcast! Episode X - Thinking outside the (rude) box... Listen to it HERE...

Thanks you!

And I love you.

The Ann

Yes - we had monkeys on the radio today.

Thanks to Damien for bringing them in!



geraldine ...

Geraldine became the 12th contestant to be fired by Bill Cullen on the Apprentice, then faced Ray in HIS boardroom...

Basement Jazz 005

Basement Jazz 003

Basement Jazz 004


the jaxx...

I just saw that my future third ex-wife, Evangeline Lily, is the newly-added face of L'Oréal... but she looks a little bit uncomfortable in this spot with Eva Longoria:

Maybe it's because she's nervous about delivering her only line, while the desperate housewife spouts on - but I prefer to think that they hate eachother and plan to resolve their differences in some sort of cage match. In bikinis. And mud*.


*Doesn't have to be L'Oréal mud.

I’m thinking I might go and get my hair cut… I just look unhealthy at the moment, and the hair doesn’t help.

Alan says I have a Jewfro. I think it's back to the old Ray from tomorrow.


Ever since making the switch (laptop-wise) from Windows to Mac, I've missed two applications most: Adobe Audition for all my radio-making needs, and Windows Live Writer, which is without doubt the best application known to man for the purposes of blogging. And it's free.

The Mac has a number of blogging apps, and MarsEdit2 comes highly recommended. And it's not free:

Screen shot 2009-12-06 at 22.08.15.jpg

And since I'm using it right now, I can tell you it's about as bad as the other blogging-from-Mac tools I've tried, like Ecto and Blogo. Which is to say: quite. The preview window I'm typing this in is only showing me the html code for the image above and the hyperlink to Apple in the first line.

I'm really not a PC fanboy but I just need a few applications to work like they always did. Which is why they need Boot Camp, I imagine.

Next time: my whine about Apple not having a reasonably easy-to-use audio editor, or more specifically, Audition.




Paddy from last year’s Apprentice was in!


Adelle is having a baby, you know.


Phone 086 8272370

Or email


Aqua have a new song:

Which is a ripoff of this:


Written by Gary Bloody Barlow, you know!