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In spite of appearances from Chris Moyles and Steve Wright's hair, this is a really lovely tribute to (our) Uncle Terry (Wogan) who hangs up his headphones after helming the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show spanning three decades.

Chris Evans (his replacement from next year) is loud though, isn't he?

I remember I used to listen to Wogan every morning during my final year in college on the NTL - and he really does have an amazing capacity to calm and relax, while eliciting the odd guilty giggle. His rapport with his team and his audience is top class and, although I've only very occasionally surfed in to listen to him online in the last four years, it'll be kindof sad that he won't be an option anymore.

I've heard him on the D'arcy show a couple of times since, and listened slack-jawed as he effortlessly just took Ray up on his radio knee, patted him on the radio head and called him a good little boy for trying his best - Evans has a bloody tough gig ahead of him.

Terry Wogan: legend.



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