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Ever since making the switch (laptop-wise) from Windows to Mac, I've missed two applications most: Adobe Audition for all my radio-making needs, and Windows Live Writer, which is without doubt the best application known to man for the purposes of blogging. And it's free.

The Mac has a number of blogging apps, and MarsEdit2 comes highly recommended. And it's not free:

Screen shot 2009-12-06 at 22.08.15.jpg

And since I'm using it right now, I can tell you it's about as bad as the other blogging-from-Mac tools I've tried, like Ecto and Blogo. Which is to say: quite. The preview window I'm typing this in is only showing me the html code for the image above and the hyperlink to Apple in the first line.

I'm really not a PC fanboy but I just need a few applications to work like they always did. Which is why they need Boot Camp, I imagine.

Next time: my whine about Apple not having a reasonably easy-to-use audio editor, or more specifically, Audition.


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  1. Dar said...
    Hey Foley, You could try one of the others listed at:



    - You think Mac is hard to find a good blogging client for - try sourcing them for OpenSolaris :)

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