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As you know, we’re up for the Meteor award for Best National DJ – that’s NDJ4, people. But what about those less fortunate than ourselves? We’ve decided to pitch in and help out.

So, if KC wins the other Meteor award - for Best Regional DJ - we win €400 from Paddy Power which we’ll give to charity!

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 28 15.20

So text:

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 28 15.20


ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 28 15.20

And if he wins, we’ll give the cash to Haiti! Sweet!


Hint: they're all dickheads.


funny but…

…and the award for the totally unnecessary audience laughing track goes to:

I find it very funny – but I don’t need them to tell me “okay, this is the funny bit"



We were on about this last week, and the auction closes tomorrow (Tuesday) night. They're throwing a gig in your gaff for the highest bidder and all the proceeds go to the fund for Haiti.

We were hoping to hijack the auction and maybe all of us (you, me and the other listeners) chip in to make as much as possible, but the mechanism for taking the cash was a bit difficult, so we just couldn't make it happen.

If you're considering bidding on it as a group of mates, a business, or just as an individual I can tell you that Mark on his lonesome is one of the sweetest, genuine, and interesting guys you could ever have the pleasure of talking to - he's not a bad singer either, and worth the price alone. The other bloke I've never met, but I did see him in the car park once. And on the telly at the Oscars. I've heard good things about him.

SO! If you're interested in bidding, get onto the ebay auction page here - and dig deep. It closes at 8.24pm Tuesday.


rip off…

I’ve had enough of these ads:

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 21 18.36

They’re everywhere online, attempting to flog acai berries or protein supplements to lads with a bit of a belly. As a lad with a bit of a belly, I can tell you I’m not opposed to their efforts to make money or even their unscrupulous use of before and after photos from internet weightlifting forums (fora?) that have nothing to do with their products.

I’m just sick and tired of them showing pictures of dudes who are in better shape than me.



Thanks to Suzanne for sending in this YouTube clip of her brother Barry getting the bejaysus frightened out of him...

Ok ok, we MAY have added on a little something extra to the description of this clip on the show today. But it was only for dramatic effect, right?!

Have a look at it here:

Bye bye!


Here’s the proof… the lads were kind enough to send in photos of the evidence.

S6300215 S6300216



Week-old 30 Rock, featuring a sick-looking James Franco, a Joe McElderry looky-likey and the younger male newsreader from The Onion.


Neil emailed:

Moonlighting as anti-smoking controller in Cork train station, eh?



Who is the blackguard responsible for this outrage?! I can feel a feature coming on…


dj joe...

You remember Joe Ryan, who was on with us earlier? He's the guy who's planning a five-day world-record DJ set - and he's doing it to try to raise money for the Niall Mellon Township Trust.

It all kicks off on Tuesday evening, January 26th at 6pm in (I think) the Royal Hotel in Boyle Co Roscommon. You can help him out with a few quid by clicking here, selecting Joseph James Ryan and giving what you can.


Gavin wants a car because he's been screwed over by some car dealer.

You can vote for him here. And it won't cost you a penny.


Had a great laugh with my future second ex-wife on the radio earlier:

She did her Laura Byrne impression, slagged off Eh, Yeah, Okay and played "Is That Gráinne or Síle?" And she has the best laugh.

It's all on the podcast here.


If you were sent to prison for a crime you didn’t commit, what would you do?

Well, you’d promptly escape, right?

Topless shot of Bradley Cooper there for the ladies.


One last try uploading this...



So, here we are again! Let’s score this hat trick, put it in the back of the net and other sporting analogies…

You can click-to-vote here!

Or you can text:

ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 08 16.47


ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 11 12.46[6]







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It is essentially just “I Got A Feelin” with everything lumped on top of it – but it’s still brilliant.


Today on the show, we noticed that Tiger Woods has hairy nipples:


And so does Shane, who emailed us in his chest!


You can listen to all that and a damn site more on the podcast – here!


Well, here we are - at the cusp of a brand new year on the big show, and it's probably the most excited I've ever been heading back from the Christmas break.

Usually on Sunday nights I'm in a blind panic that I've done nothing all weekend and there's nothing to talk about on the radio tomorrow, but tonight I'm like a kid the night before Christmas - I'm so excited that I might not sleep, or worse, piss the bed with nerves.


Well, we're having our first baby for a start! Although you've no doubt been listening to the live-from-the-womb weekly updates from Baby Mac, we'll actually be meeting him/her in what is now a matter of days. Will she/he have the accent? Will he/she enjoy middle-of-the-road pap from Take That and The Ting Tings as much as we do? Will he/she like us? Only time (and a very small amount of it at this stage) will tell.

Adelle insists on taking a week or two off for the having-the-birth thing, so we'll have Ann Gleeson on the show too - which is going to be a bunch of fun. She has already sent me one of those "Ooh I'm so excited" emails with a list of ideas attached, entitled "shit we probably won't get away with doing on the radio this year" - and we'll be trying each of them out from tomorrow. It's a bloody long list too.

We've a few ideas already for songs to apply The Ray Foley Show Singers magic to - and the first of the year is a doozy... and speaking of The Singers, we're working on our next live tour.

And what else? Loads, but I'll fill you in tomorrow.

The Ray Foley Show. Midday. 100-102 Today FM. But you knew that right? Sleep tight kids!