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the big show, 2010...

Well, here we are - at the cusp of a brand new year on the big show, and it's probably the most excited I've ever been heading back from the Christmas break.

Usually on Sunday nights I'm in a blind panic that I've done nothing all weekend and there's nothing to talk about on the radio tomorrow, but tonight I'm like a kid the night before Christmas - I'm so excited that I might not sleep, or worse, piss the bed with nerves.


Well, we're having our first baby for a start! Although you've no doubt been listening to the live-from-the-womb weekly updates from Baby Mac, we'll actually be meeting him/her in what is now a matter of days. Will she/he have the accent? Will he/she enjoy middle-of-the-road pap from Take That and The Ting Tings as much as we do? Will he/she like us? Only time (and a very small amount of it at this stage) will tell.

Adelle insists on taking a week or two off for the having-the-birth thing, so we'll have Ann Gleeson on the show too - which is going to be a bunch of fun. She has already sent me one of those "Ooh I'm so excited" emails with a list of ideas attached, entitled "shit we probably won't get away with doing on the radio this year" - and we'll be trying each of them out from tomorrow. It's a bloody long list too.

We've a few ideas already for songs to apply The Ray Foley Show Singers magic to - and the first of the year is a doozy... and speaking of The Singers, we're working on our next live tour.

And what else? Loads, but I'll fill you in tomorrow.

The Ray Foley Show. Midday. 100-102 Today FM. But you knew that right? Sleep tight kids!


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