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for haiti...

We were on about this last week, and the auction closes tomorrow (Tuesday) night. They're throwing a gig in your gaff for the highest bidder and all the proceeds go to the fund for Haiti.

We were hoping to hijack the auction and maybe all of us (you, me and the other listeners) chip in to make as much as possible, but the mechanism for taking the cash was a bit difficult, so we just couldn't make it happen.

If you're considering bidding on it as a group of mates, a business, or just as an individual I can tell you that Mark on his lonesome is one of the sweetest, genuine, and interesting guys you could ever have the pleasure of talking to - he's not a bad singer either, and worth the price alone. The other bloke I've never met, but I did see him in the car park once. And on the telly at the Oscars. I've heard good things about him.

SO! If you're interested in bidding, get onto the ebay auction page here - and dig deep. It closes at 8.24pm Tuesday.



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