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manual labour…

I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. In the six years I’ve been living in this house, I’ve never really felt the need to tidy up before. My study (playroom) is the worst area: it’s a bloody tip most of the time – except for this week.

I’m slowly going through the room section-by-section, chucking any shit I don’t want or need. The CD’s are sorted and ready to be cleared. I threw out all the stuff from my “filing cabinet” last week, and tonight it’s the drawer full of manuals for gadgets I’ve already forgot I bought. Can you believe I’ve had four little digital cameras in six years? What a waster!

I found manuals for:

  • A super-slow (and ancient) DVD-R writer. Long gone.
  • A USB TV card I never use.
  • Portable Sony mini disc recorder.
  • Numerous Nokia phones. My first bill phone had a load of manuals. It was a Nokia 6110i and I was bricking myself about moving from credit to bills. I still am.
  • An airbed, which I bought off late night JML telly and have a second one free.
  • Xbox – these were big offenders. Each comes with a wad of papers.
  • PS3 – not so much.
  • A USB pen/styus yoke that lets you write on-screen.
  • An Aldi copycat George Foreman Grill.
  • A strimmer.
  • A BT internet router.
  • Numerous wee Creative mp3 players (pre-ipod).
  • My first laptop – a massive 15”, 25kg Dell Inspiron.
  • The second airbed.
  • A crappy MPEG-4 DVD Player from China off eBay. Still works.
  • A DodgyBox, which doesn’t work any more.

And several perfectly square, minimalist Apple gadget manuals from cheaper items off the Apple site, like mice and keyboards. With the free Apple stickers!

Anyway, I filled a recycling bin with all that junk and now I have a spare drawer!


Time to buy some junk to put in it.



  1. Junior said...
    So did the bin come with a Manual as well ?
    FiddleKase said...
    Hmm, Maried a few years now, tidying up the crap that was building up. Getting ready to get a lodger in maybe? one with small hands and feet? Are you preparing the dog for a spell outside?
    Ray said...
    Fergal said...
    they call what you are doing 'nesting'. mind you its normally done by heavily pregnant women!!!!

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