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shake it...

Everyone wants toned, defined arms for the summer, right? Problem solved:

Yes, yes. I know what it looks like too. Insert your own joke here.


deadly ad...

Thanks to Brendan Tierney, who sent this into




I’ve been hearing different reports about this all morning:

Fair fucks to him, going out with a laugh and a bang like that. He can’t sing – but I think he knows that. And it was sweet and likeable too.


turn around bublé...



I don't know why this is funny - it just is. A raptor follows Michael Bublé around. That's it. Happy Monday everyone!

More raptor in the background pics HERE!

Bye bye,


Flicking through the app store on my iPhone this morning and I found
this. Pretty cool, huh?



Page 9, Sunday Times Style Mag.

dj jayo...

ScreenHunter_14 Mar. 16 00.13


The Pacific started on American telly last night.

If that vid doesn’t work, click here for more links.


feel this…


Stephen Fry twittered this earlier and I’m only getting to it now.

Great stuff.


More on that Japanese dude who married his pillow:

Click here.

Not the same bloke, but you get the idea.

Looks to me like a stunt for one of their cray-zee TV shows:


andrew wk...

…and he’s without a shadow of a doubt, a cool dude.

Before you get all upset on his behalf: he’s grand. You can hear him laughing at the end.



I’ve been watching a lot of American telly in the past week via Hulu, America’s closest cousin to the BBC’s iPlayer. Pretty much all of the major networks are there (‘cept for CBS) and you can subscribe to your favourite shows, which will just add themselves to your queue as soon as they’re aired stateside.

For more, see and get the Hulu desktop application.

You’ll need to do a bit of dicking around with VPNs before you get the full value of the service. I’ve paid for my VPN from the site UK Proxy Server. But shop around - I just picked the first site I landed on. I’m told Hotspot Shield is a free option. I’m sure you’ll find more if you Google around a bit.

Anyway, tonight I’ve been watching how totally random the quality control seems to be on the extremely hit-and-miss Saturday Night Live. Coming from outside the US, I’ve always been given the impression that SNL is the international big daddy of sketch comedy. Not so. Even some of the weaker BBC stuff trumps it.

Take, for example the opening monologue from last week’s show, fronted by Jennifer Lopez. Ignore the awful opening Haiti parody sketch and skim on to her monologue at 5.38

But Zach Galafianakis had a pop at it this week. And he was just gold. Imagine being Vampire Weekend? Poor bastards. Skim in 6.50

And the video that made me cry laughing tonight – the end scene is spectacular:

Jimmy Kimmel Handsome Club - Watch more Funny Videos


The new Iron Man 2 trailer is out.


Wooo! Deep breaths…


According to iTunes, when it's connected there are playlists and
podcasts on there.

ScreenHunter_02 Mar. 07 13.02

I just can't see 'em.

Looks like I’m not the only one:

Any notions?



UPDATE! Fixed it by messing around with the “Automatically sync” and “Manually manage” settings:

ScreenHunter_03 Mar. 07 13.08

Now I can get on with my life.

Update: It’s Heavy Rain by the way.


on a hungover day...

What better way to spend the evening than to almost get sick laughing at this...

You're welcome!



ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 02 11.40


Actually, that's the video but the audio's gammy on it, so you can hear it in stereo here: