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Friday? Happy Hour? At lunchtime?

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 22 16.13

The damn airlines are doing a Foley on it now!


The people who do the TV show, Glee have an iPhone app:

And I've been playing with it:

Expect much messing on the radio tomorrow.


the lads...

So I was looking through today's Herald, and who did I spot?

(Insert proud face) sure it's only the lads! Apologies for the lack of cropping, I ain't got the equipment on this here machine.


oggy oggy oggy...

This was filmed in a kebab shop in Newcastle, over abroad in the UK. I especially like the dudes that do the walk/dance in through the door!


dead eyes...

Sorry for the delay - here's the Galway Advertiser snap of JP & I at the launch of the Live Lounge in Galway.


Ok, pics are still coming in - so I'm putting all (clean!) photos on this album:

Send your snaps to pictures at - and put something about the photo in the subject line of the email.


I just got to play with the Adrian Weckler’s iPad…


Some screenshots:

photo photo(2) photo(3)

For the entire time I had it in my hands, I was thinking “BUYBUYBUY”.

But the second I put it down, I regained my composure and can’t justify it – especially when I carry an iPhone with me everywhere.

And that makes me sad.



iphone goes gaga...

Applegirl doing her own version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" using four iPhones. I don't know how she does it. I can't go two words in a text without fecking up! But then I have sausages for fingers.

Damn you Applegirl!


The interwebs are buzzing stateside about the (final) release of Apple’s latest and greatest, the iPad.

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 03 17.24

Reasons to buy an iPad:

  • It's very cool and very gorgeous.
  • They have a Kindle app and I have a Kindle, so I can read my stuff on iPad too.
  • Ten hour battery life.
  • 3G wireless coverage.
  • It's very cool and very gorgeous.

Reasons to not buy an iPad:

  • I already own a MacBook.
  • I already own an iPhone.
  • Only 64GB max storage.
  • Doesn't play Divx video. I'll need to convert everything I own in order to watch it on the iPad.
  • They put the headphone socket on the top of the device. So, users are looking at headphone cable.
  • No camera.
  • No sign of it in Ireland yet.
  • No flash. The following is an excerpt from’s review:

It is without question one of the best browsing experiences we've encountered. But is it the best? Well, not really.

Why, you ask? Well that answer is simple and extremely complicated at the same time. Currently, there is a web standard called Flash, developed by a company named Adobe, which allows for the easy insertion of rich media into webpages. That's everything from streaming video and audio files, online gaming, to entire websites made using its broad and deep development tools. The penetration percentage for Flash on PCs around the world is something like 98 -- that's almost everyone -- and many, many sites employ the standard on their pages. When we say many, we mean most if not all of the pages you typically visit use Flash to display some of their content. The iPad browser doesn't support Flash, and won't support Flash, perhaps ever. Apple has not only turned away from what is the industry standard for rich media in webpages, but it instead is pushing a newer standard called HTML5. Apple has been very successful thus far in moving its agenda forward and bringing websites into the fold of HTML5, but we're talking maybe, say, one percent of websites on the internet. Probably way less.

So what does this mean for an end user? Well it means that when you visit a site like Hulu, HBO, NBC, Lala (which ironically, Apple just purchased), Engadget, Gizmodo, or many, many others, you will have a broken experience. That means there will be certain elements of these sites (in the case of HBO, the entire site itself) that simply won't work. Now, we're geeks. We get it. We know what's going on when a site shows the broken plugin icon, or says we need Flash. But to the wide world of "everyone" that Apple wants to sell this product to, this will result in a confusing and frustrating experience... a broken experience. That may be fine to Apple, but it isn't fine to us, and shouldn't be fine to the rest of the world. As an aside, we've been surprised other iPad reviews have not been more forthcoming in pointing this problem out -- this is not a small thing; it's is a major deficit in the iPad's browser. Now keep in mind we're not saying we love Flash and want to marry it -- in fact, we'd love to see a less CPU intensive format take its place -- but HTML5 isn't that format, at least not yet. It's important to understand that a lot of users will see the lack of Flash as a drawback, even if Apple doesn't like the standard, and even if Safari on the iPad is a brilliant experience (which it frankly is).

You can read the full review here. Click.

I haven’t held one in my hands yet and I’m fully prepared for the thing to win me over with it’s good looks – but right now (while I’m rational and lucid) I think my mind is already made up.

Since the two greatest uses I would have for this slab of loveliness would be web browsing and watching videos, and both of those activities are seriously flawed... I can't justify spending on it. Yet. If someone hacks the shit out of it, I'll be first in line. Or maybe Apple will make some changes to the device - but given their history, I wouldn't hold my breath.