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Ok, pics are still coming in - so I'm putting all (clean!) photos on this album:

Send your snaps to pictures at - and put something about the photo in the subject line of the email.



  1. Ian said...
    put the non clean ones up somewhere else then
    Ian said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Fergal said...
    ray you do know its only april. what in hell will you talk about in may when the sun has come back out after 2 weeks of rain? is there really nothing else, entertaining you could do?!?!!!
    Ray said...
    Well, we could ask people what their favourite coulour is?

    Yes Fergal. I suppose we should really save up talking about the sunshine until June. No, we'll do something else then.

    This was only for the first couple of sunny days in the year.

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