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the fun bus…

So, I’ve gone and rented a massive winnebago, painted it black, lashed my name on it and the three of us are touring the country from Monday (5th July) for two weeks. We’ll be doing Oxegen on the Friday and Saturday, but where else we go is up to you.

Text during the show, or email foley at – and make sure there’s something we can do in your town. Skydiving? Zorbing? Surfing? Bungee jumping? Mud baths? Foot rubs?


I’ll have pics of the van in the next couple of days.




  1. barry said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    barry said...
    Hey Hamish and Andy, love the show.
    Ray said...
    Took you two goes to type seven words?

    I'm not copying Hamish & Andy. I had this sorted long before I herad they were doing it. But you'll just have to take my word for it.
    Fergal said...
    raymond i couldn't arsed emailling you but i had an idea for your fun bus tour. Why don't ye visit your 3 parents house's? embarrasing stories all round, radio gold, plus we get to here from the real Ray Foley!!!! just an idea
    mick said...
    Hamish and Andy's tour of Ireland was boring .Be careful foley you don't crash the thing and watch the speedtraps from the ninja gardas. Funny clip
    Seán said...
    I quite liked Hamish & Andy's tour of Ireland.
    This will be better because Ray, JP & Anne are all culchies so they'll be able to understand the people of Ireland!

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