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i had a dream...

Don't you just love those dreams that make you laugh so loud they wake you up? How does your mind manage to surprise you like that?

Had a zinger this morning where a record company bussed a load of us down to Sligo (don't know why) to see the launch of a hot new dance act. There we were in a hotel foyer in Sligo, sitting on those hotel foyer couches, eating sandwiches and drinking cheap wine when they thank us all for coming and introduce the act - a typical "DJ standing behind decks in the background while the dolly bird vocalist does her thing up front" job - the intro starts and it sounded like The Freemasons or something.

The DJ is at the back of the room, wearing a black shirt and morosely nodding his head to what's a sugary dance backing track the lazy fucker is playing off CD when, just as the intro is about to end, the vocalist appears. She has no backing dancers for accompaniment, she's wearing Kylie Minogue sparkly hotpants and massive heels. I mean, the heels are so big that she can barely make the steps of her badly choreographed dance routine. She's moving like an old man with a zimmer frame. Unlike the backing track, her mic is live - and god bless her, by the time she starts to sing the first line, she's not got a note in her head and out of breath with the dancing.

There she is, in a hotel in Sligo, on her own with a muppet DJ stood at the back wall playing a CD for her, taking baby steps to the music, with no backing dancers in front of an audience that couldn't care less, but does she give a shit? Does she fuck - she's having a ball.

And then we make eye contact.

It's Tracy Clifford.

And we both piss ourselves laughing, me trying to laugh into the sofa I'm sitting on so as not to distract her - but she's mid-vocal and keeps singing while she's laughing. I woke up crying. Best dream in a long time.



  1. Daniel said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Daniel said...
    Are you SURE you're awake, and the laughter wasn't just a kick into a different layer?
    sean said...
    There must be something going on foley with dreams at the moment, i had a mad dream last nite that vincent browne kept junping out from behind corners with a mike and sticking it into my face asking me questions about the government and each time scaring the sugar out of me until i flipped and kicked the living daylights out of him and was arrested by the cops!!!!!!!!!!!! then i woke up now thats fair weird stuff going on in my skull when im asleep ha ha
    sean said...
    Foley have u seen these bloody copy cats

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