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Another bit from yesterday’s uber-busy show:

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TV3 are gonna do Take Me Out!

And they’re looking for contestants. If you’re male or female, up for a laugh (come on, it’s not like we’re talking marriage here) and you fancy having a go – then fill out the form on the TV3 website as soon as you can.

if you haven’t seen it, it’s ITV’s mega-cheesy, mega-fun, Saturday-night birdfest – and a guilty pleasure in the Foley household.

Click here to apply.

Click here for the FaceBook page.



  1. aidan said...
    for the love of god will you please sign John-Paul up for it. He would be a huge hit with the ladies
    Kieran said...
    Who's Hosting it?!?!? I Nominate Foley. You'd be savage at it!!!!!!

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