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good news ipadders…

Has Apple gone soft?

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 11 20.17

If you, like me, are an iPad owner, then you, like me, are probably wondering why the fuck you ever bought the bastard in the first place, because it’s a pain in the hole to watch your downloaded TV and movie files on the yoke without a ridiculously laborious conversion process. Well, those days are over. CineXPlayer is here!

This free (yeah – FREE!) app is on the iTunes app store now and you can lump your Xvids straight onto the iPad without conversion. Copy, and go! Apple have been notoriously closed-minded about media formats it’ll allow to play on it’s devices, which leaves me wondering if this app is a fluke that fell through the cracks of the iTunes approval process, or a nod towards a more open-minded approach in the future. If the app disappears in the next few days, I suppose we’ll know the answer.

One minor quibble: they leave a wee ad for their company in the bottom right corner. Not a dealbreaker, but a small pain.

By the way, yes this is the thing I was talking about on yesterday’s show that JP didn’t understand.

PS – yes, I know about AirVideo. This is a better solution for me.



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