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  1. pauljeremiah said...
    I saw this movie last night, if you are a gamer who grew up in the 80's/early 90's, there are a lot (and I mean alot of small gaming references) from music cues (Zelda theme) to actual lines.

    I did love this film, but I have two complaints and each complaint comes from a different POV on the film.

    From a fan of the comic POV I felt that there was too much left out and some characters could have been developed more, like in the comic he uses one scene to explain how Knives met Scott, in the film it's just said.

    From a film POV *puts on my director hat* I felt the film was about 20 minutes too long and slightly dragged towards the end.

    So yeah I know it's a contridiction.
    Ray said...
    Well, I fucking loved it. Through and through.

    I've not read the comics but a director needs to take licence.

    pauljeremiah said...
    i agree, i think the film was fucking awesome, my geek heart was crying tears of 8bit & 16bit joy as I watched, my critic is purely from a film making POV.

    I loved the dialogue, the movement of the camera and the small "comic effects" that made me think of the Adam West Batman series.

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