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david - you're fired...

Marketing professional David O'Byrne was the latest to be booted off The Apprentice... He stopped in for a chat with JP today, and got a rating of 9.5!

Cahal from the Apprentice was in today, after his dismissal by Bill yesterday.

ScreenHunter_08 Sep. 21 14.44

Lovely chap – scored 10.5 out of 15 with us.


The lads were in to perform again. AND I LOVE THEM!

Click the picture to go on over to their MySpace page…




The lovely Georgia Salpa was in today – for my birthday:

ScreenHunter_07 Sep. 21 14.39



Brian Purcell from The Apprentice was in:

It's on the telly tonight from 9!


This morning I went to the gym, had breakfast, set up an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow (nothing serious), had a meeting with Ann and JP, set up another meeting for later on, went out and got a coffee, checked my emails and got a few songs ready for today’s show.

Adelle, still on maternity leave, put a blonde wig on her baby boy, Ryan:




UPDATE: here are a couple from listeners:

You people make me sick.

ScreenHunter_04 Sep. 10 18.05

Played this on the show today – seriously good track.

Did I just type that? What a fucking wanker. I’m finally becoming a DJ. I’ll be telling you the time and doing requests for your children before you know it.

You can buy it here:

ScreenHunter_05 Sep. 10 18.22



All this week, Meteor are bringing the craic back on the show – giving away phones and more.

ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 08 23.44

Click here to head over to their website.


photo 1

Went to Amsterdam today to take a look at Take Me Out – the Dutch version.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2


ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 02 10.51

NO FEE FOR REPRO. Meteor is Bringing the Craic Back - Today FM DJ, Ray Foley pictured with models, Georgia Salpa  and Nadia Forde dressed to illustrate some of the events, which Meteor is sponsoring as part of its new campaign, Bringing the Craic Back including the Irish Bog Snorkelling Championships, Culchie Festival and Ted Fest. For further information, log onto <>  Pic Robbie Reynolds

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