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Everybody’s nuts about Cee Lo Green’s F**k You/Forget You track.

Some of the “my kid was sitting in the back of the car” brigade are going nuts because of the bad language in the lyrics - some are going nuts because they think it’s such an oh-my-gawd amazing song. And the rest of us are going nuts because it’s on the radio every twenty-five seconds.

So it’s with great relief we got the new track “Bright Lights Bigger City” from him last week – and it’s already my new favourite tune, which is why we’ve played it a few times this week.

His album goes on sale in the states next week, and there’s a preview of the tracks on the YouTube now:

Screen shot 2010-10-31 at 16.09.24


Here I am on the scrounge for votes – but hey, what’s new?

So, the food people Cully & Sully are having a big cook-off:

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 13.01.51

And Tipp’s finest kitchen-whizz and all-round good skin, Marie-Claire is in the running.

Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 13.02.15

If you could be so kind as to click here or on the picture above and vote for her by “liking” her recipe I’m sure she’s be ever so chuffed. And it won’t take you a tick! Thanks.

PS – what’s cassoulet?


The lovely Delorentos boys were in today - they're hitting the road!

Friday 26th November – Dolan’s in Limerick
Saturday 27th November – Traffik @ The Forum in Waterford
Saturday 4th December – The Cartown Club in Carrick On Shannon
Wednesday 8th December – The Old Oak in Cork
Friday 10th December – Barcode in Tipperary
Saturday 11th December – The Roisin Dubh in Galway
Thursday 16th December – The Workmans Club in Dublin
Saturday 18th December – Westport, Walshes
Sunday 19th December – Derry, Masons

due date...


Fine. I admit it. I miss JP.


Paul sent us this disturbing interpretation of our cardboard cutout.




how nice...

Anna Nolan wrote a sweet few lines next to my crosseyed pic in the Herald today:


Last week, Bill hit the eject button under Kieran’s seat – he scored a show rating of 8.5.

And today, Caroline got the Foley treatment (ie unnecessary and uncomfortable perving), brought in a bag of sweeties and scored herself a leaderboard-topping rating of 13!

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niamh's out...

Niamh Humphreys was the latest to get the boot from Bill - she stopped into studio for a chat with JP earlier today...

Oh, and she got a rating of 8!