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I think we can all agree that Paul from Fade Street is the best thing on RTÉ television at the moment. And here he is in all his glory:

And the Oscar for “Best Winnebago In A Supporting Role” goes to:

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 29 15.27

If you don’t watch this show, you don’t deserve a television.


Jane will see you now:

Inspired by this:



Click the picture to buy it now on iTunes!


Inspired by this:



Click on the picture to buy the song now on iTunes.


Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 13.06.15


This is where we’re doing our 4th birthday show from today!

200 four-year-olds, their mammys and daddys and us. I’ll try and take a few more vids and get them online later.


i like…

I do like this angry loud mad raver music:

Chase & Status - Hypest Hype

Dear Ray & Gang,
I heard someone say the other day that a cardboard cut out of you's was stolen. To tell the truth it was a well planned job, undertaking by 3 "Dromscumians" on their way to "Turf Guy 2010" Lets give them the names, Tom, Dick & Harry.
The scene is set in Rathowen just outside Longford, the texaco and supermacs petrol station. As they pulled in, Tom suggested "wouldnt it be really funny to steal foley and the gang and take him to turf guy" dick & harry laughed in agreement.

After they went to the shop and got their supplies for the big journey ahead it was mentioned again. After for some careful and percise planning... bout 10 seconds of "no you do it"  "no you do it" "I cant im driving you do it"  Harry jumped out of the van and went into supermacs cool as you like... ordered himself a delicious supermac meal and stood grinning to himself...

Outside Tom was carfully manovering the get away vehicle into position... Dick in the passenger seat was glued to the goings on of the staff in supermacs... out of nowhere a girl with a hoover appeared and began hoovering around Ray and the gangs feet, this was terrible news, it completely blocked our escape root.

Harry up at the counter was quick to react to situation and stalled the process by asking for extra napkins and red sauce buying us an extra couple of seconds, in that time the girl had moved on. Dick sprung into action :) out of the van opened the side door and opened the restaurant doors for Harry, he then took the food and jumped back into the van. Harry grabbed Yourself Ann and Jp bundled you's in the side door and leaped into the front... Inside in supermacs 3 lads eating their food were in convultions, the staff were gob smacked, the girl with the hoover had tears in her eyes... (not quite sure but sounds good).

Tom had the van ready to go... they were on their way... we had done it... All laughing... Until SUDDENLY... Out of nowhere some hero stands in the middle of the forecourt with his hands up going "No lads, you cant do that, Leave it back". Tom Panic's and stops the van, the hero tries to open the door but fails, Dick and Harry shout at Tom "GO GO GO" Tom does but his door swings open narrowly missing the hero's car... "phewww"

They made it out with yourselfs in the back, for the next 20mins everyones on edge, should we have done that.?? Will the cops be after us.? 2 hours later we make our destination Louisburgh... and after afew drinks its worth while.
The few photos attached are before and after photos of "turf guy 2010" this was a 10km adventure race in killary fjord involving running through bogs, rivers, forests, crossing rope bridges, and crawling through mud pitts etc... brilliant fun. We completed it in just under 3 hours as you can see from the photos we all suffered from mild hyperthermia. I have plenty more of you's in the pub with us later that night, and a joint 30th last saturday night if you want i can send them in.
P.S "lOVE THE SHOW"... the care bears that is!

While I’m here I may as well remind you that I’m still writing a bit for

Screen shot 2010-11-04 at 23.56.48

Click on over there for a gawk around. The rest of the site (aside from my witterings) is quite entertaining.


Sarah was in with us last week, while I was flying solo:



And fresh from the board room, Nagaite paid us a visit on Tuesday!


Sorry lads, but I don’t remember their scores – I’ll update tomorrow.


Lovely man Aidan Power was in today.

He’s doing a new TV show on RTE 2 every Thursday night at 7pm.

Here he is doing smiley man:


And here he’s doing that cute puppy head-to-one-side thing:


He’s adowable!


flip off…

Dell have announced a new slate/ipad jobby – with a twist. Nice.


We got an email today from Niall O’loughlin:

ScreenHunter_01 Nov. 02 14.58

Hey Ray,

Hope you like my caricature of you, ye make me laugh every afternoon, so
that's a good enough reason to draw you.

Kind regards,

Niall O Loughlin

I like this one:


But this one is even better:



Ever since The Blizzards  took a Kit Kat break toward the end of last year, people frequently ask me “hey Foley, what’s your mate Niall Breslin up to these days?” usually followed up with “big fucker, isn’t he?”

Well, I can tell you that yes, he is indeed a big fucker and he’s living in London now, wearing skinny trousers, taking the tube and eating those lovely sandwiches from Pret A Manger. He’s also writing a shedload of music for various artists, big and small, he’s (just today) started work on an album and to make his busy life even busier, he’s now blogging:

Screen shot 2010-11-01 at 18.53.11

For their first day, there’s been a lot of messing about on the internet, taking pictures with the cameraphone, but I’m sure they’re laying down some phat beatz in between.

Welcome them to the interwebs, friends – and pay them a visit when you can.