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Ever since The Blizzards  took a Kit Kat break toward the end of last year, people frequently ask me “hey Foley, what’s your mate Niall Breslin up to these days?” usually followed up with “big fucker, isn’t he?”

Well, I can tell you that yes, he is indeed a big fucker and he’s living in London now, wearing skinny trousers, taking the tube and eating those lovely sandwiches from Pret A Manger. He’s also writing a shedload of music for various artists, big and small, he’s (just today) started work on an album and to make his busy life even busier, he’s now blogging:

Screen shot 2010-11-01 at 18.53.11

For their first day, there’s been a lot of messing about on the internet, taking pictures with the cameraphone, but I’m sure they’re laying down some phat beatz in between.

Welcome them to the interwebs, friends – and pay them a visit when you can.


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  1. Niall said...
    So he's keeping blizzy .. er .. busy then. Good stuff!

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