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The best thing about Fade Street (apart from CiCi’s hangover voice, Dylan St Paul’s catty remarks, MOD’s catty remarks, Sue The Editor’s stilted speeches, Vogue’s DJ career, Diarmaid’s inappropriate touching-up of the ladies, Paul, the constant plugging of Stellar magazine and Blink PR, the funny looking lad from Kid Karate, Vogue’s acting career, the rapidly-forged friendships for the sake of introducing a new character) is the boys from tattoo shop, Dublin Ink.

They’re a bunch of tattoo’d fuckwits who take no shit from dizzy birds from Wexford who want to get Captain America painted on her ass. They tell it like it is – and it’s usually shut the fuck up. They spend their evenings on bikers slappers nights – free in before midnight, and last week on the radio, I proposed that they get their own show.

Now? There’s a pilot:



  1. Sean Farrell said...
    Helluva show: "don't fall in love with me." "ok!"
    Denise said...
    I've given up watchin it... It's wrecking my head Ray!
    Ríona F said...
    those tattooists are a VERY patient bunch!

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