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I finally deleted my bebo account.

What now? Go back to Twitter? A FaceBook page for the show?

It’s been a few months since I started my Twitter holidays and I have to say, I’m really enjoying being social-media free. Maybe I’ll even buy a newspaper today!



  1. DigiCol Media said...
    Ray I missed the whole you giving up twitter thing. Why did you give it up. I always enjoyed your tweets ??
    Ray said...
    Yeah, I developed severe twaddiction.
    Denise Forde said...
    Ah Ray.. I'm new to twitter.. I never had the pleasure of your tweets.. Come back on a trial basis and see how you get on. Limit your tweets to 5 a day!!! :)
    George said...
    Make a facebook page? or is there one?
    Noel said...
    facebook page please foley, so i can send you abuse...and the same time. i think the show does need one though, it'd be kinda cool.

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