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Much love to the podcast listeners who've been fanning the flames of my fragile little ego by reviewing us up to five stars again!


Thanks guys. They changed our picture on it. When did that happen? We used to have the Simpsons style pic for ages. Well, I suppose it was time for a change anyway - and I am a ride.

Since Adelle was taken from us (and so young) we've been talking about the future of the podcast, since she was the one who did all of the work on it every day. From your feedback, we've decided to keep at it. I might cut back a bit on the listless podcast-only stuff and just do the show bits, but when we've something good to do in the beginning bit, we'll do it. We won't stop entirely, we'll just do a little bit less.

And can some of you web aficionados shed some light on this for me?


How do you get onto that What's Hot list? Is it sponsored, or is it a result of reviews? And where do they get the second image from? Just out of interest.



  1. Stephen said...
    There's a second set of podcasts with the Simpsons picture (well, it's just a couple of old ones from a few years back).
    SMC said...
    Don't give up on the podcast only material, even if it is just a few minutes of chat at the start! it is much appreciated.

    Thanks for everything, and Ray, love the show. Your radio show, that is.

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