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  1. joey said...
    Was that downhill? Did you put a dictionary under the back of the threadmill?! :-)
    Shane said...
    Bah, running on treadmills. Get thee outside!
    Ray said...
    The two of you can fuck right off. I wasn't able to walk up the stairs in February - I had to be washed with a wet rag on a stick. You shan't be knocking this for me.
    reallybored1 said...
    Hey usain bolt,
    Got a proposition for ya,to prove just how far you've come in the last few months.
    Foley VS The Listeners(Ultimate Foley Face Off)
    London City Marathon.
    Does the king accept the challenge?
    By the way it's 42.1648128 kilometers.
    Would be a nice way of raising money for charity too,just incase that influences your decision :)
    Ray said...
    Eh no.

    The 5k is killing me - there's no chance I'll do eight times that. Maybe next year if I stick with the training but no way will I be ready for a marathon in a week!
    JJ said...
    The Dublin one in October is a more realistic target... something to think about, but because of lunatics like your mate Brian it seems like one marathon isn't enough for people anymore. Heard of a guy in England running 40 marathons in 40 days before he reaches his 40th birthday... radio dj telling the story described it as "the definition of a mid life crisis"
    joey said...
    Hi Ray, best of luck with your 5k, what motivates you?

    I was glad to see you reply to our trolling!

    Best of luck

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