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the last nerd…

I was on The Last Word with Matt Cooper yesterday evening to talk about gadgets – specifically those gadgets you may no longer need now that your phone does so bloody much.

These Last Word things usually involve two talking heads chatting with Matt, and this time, the other guy was on over the phone with me in studio.

Before we started and off-air, Matt briefly introduced me to Colin, who works in the excellent Back From The Future tech store on Aungier Street in Dublin. Colin immediately told me that he’s been told we look alike. So much so that a FaceBook page was setup which asserts we were separated at birth. But, he said, a poll on the same page verified that he was, in fact, better looking than me. Okay, fair enough.
And then we started the piece, where I answered a question about the new smartphones being too smart for the survival of other products.

Last Word - Tuesday April 5th 2011 by rayfoleyshow

A mate of mine texted just after:

Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 21.57.24

I was genuinely taken aback. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, why did he think I was there? It was a gadget piece. Surely it was a given that I was there to talk about gadgets and that I probably knew a thing or two about them, right?



  1. cormac.moylan said...
    I never knew you had it in it either. I mean you. You never had you in it.

    No, sorry, my mistake. One last time..

    I never knew had you ever in either it before?
    Ektich said...
    Are you sure this mate of yours was listening to YOUR show before? I've been regular listener for a while now and I did get an impression that you know your gadgets pretty well.
    Fionny said...
    Im pretty aware your a gadget whore, but then I am too and maybe thats why I noticed.

    Also given you read engadget and other tech blogs regularly says it all....

    God I love technology!
    JJ said...
    In fairness to him, you just said half the stuff he has stocked in his shop is redundant

    At least Matt stood up for ya, bet that made you blush ;)

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