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Cheers to Clionadh for these. It’s Me, Steve K, Marty Miller, Nikki Hayes and Clionadh O’Leary from the launch of SPIN1038 in 2002.

I’m releasing these so that they cannot be used against me in the future.

ScreenHunter_02 May. 09 16.32 ScreenHunter_01 May. 09 16.32

Yes, I was living on the street at the time. And I still have the shirt.



  1. Anonymous said...
    the one in the check shirt would get it
    Mossy said...
    O M F'n G
    JJ said...
    The camera adds ten pounds.

    (How many cameras were on you?!)

    The one in the checked shirt looks great against the background of... well... you, in the second one

    These photos remind me of the story of the ugly duckling, fair play for turning that around Foley
    MikeFlah said...
    Wow. Marty Miller sounds about 20 years older than he looks.
    David said...
    Nikki Hayes, what ever happened to her, doesn't she hate you?
    Jelly said...
    Foley, in the first picture you look like a creepy stalker, not part of the group.

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