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Georgia Salpa and pals Daniella Moyles and Rozanna Purcell were in on Wednesday and we played a game of Beauty And The Beats.

I’d love to tell you that I asked Georgia about a rift with old pal Nadia Forde in a sly attempt to blindside her in an interviewtastic tell-all exposé, but that’s not true. It was in the paper the next day that I “pressed her” on the subject and Daniella was in the paper again the next day having a moan about it.

The fact is I just didn’t know and put my foot in it. It was only when the other two ladies reacted that I had to ask if I’d said the wrong thing:

Typical. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as the Jamie Cullum one which I unfortunately don’t have the video of.


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  1. Noel B said...
    Jees Foley, you really pushed Georgia when you asked her about Nadia. Take it easy on her the next time.

    Ps. They are all ridiculously good looking.

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