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Nordy Eoghan was kind enough to bring along a little prezzie for the little fella... Look at how cute he is!

Here’s the back-of-book I did for the gauntlet today.

It’s actually the back of a book called Family Baggage by Monica McInerney.

Photo 20-05-2012 21 55 02

I tried to buy a bag for jogging in the park.

Yes. I know. I’m a nancy boy. Give over.

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the gauntlet...

On today's Gauntlet (we did our own versions of Train, "Drive By") the boys tied. So, to decide who was the winner, they did a little ass grabbing:

Apologies for the blur, they were action shots! Listen to today's podcast here.


Poor Tom Jones. He only wanted to be interviewed on the telly.

This chap was blindfolded on his stag do, then told he was bungee jumping off a cliff.

dj jayo...


But isn’t it weird that Zag is smaller than Zig? I thought they were the same shape!