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An email just hit our inbox from Noely:

How’s it going lads!

My name is Noely Ryan and I'm an artist from Ennis in Clare. I do some unpaid work experience in Dublin and over the past while, I’ve been trying to get the funds together to get to Electric Picnic.

I’d love to go because I met my lovely girlfriend there. Her name is Hilda and I hope to join her for our 2nd year Anniversary at EP too. She just got her hands on a ticket last night.

I am doing this as a friendly gesture and a call for help.

Here is a picture of you guys at EP. It is a last minute attempt to see if you could PLEASE PLEASE help me in my attempts to get to Electric Picnic this year.

I had lots of fun doing this drawing because I tried to get your faces right. I hope I achieved that and I hope you guys like it.

All the Best and thanks a million!



rock on…

Now this makes me cry laughing every time.



From this:

To this:

With a whole load of this:

That lad and me are probably related.


Either that's Rachel Bilson...

...or there's a chick from the OC living in Cork now.


With Ray D’arcy off on holidays, there’s been a bit of a video-of-stuff-on-the-radio shortage around Today FM HQ, so myself, Matt Cooper, Ian Dempsey and Louise Duffy were pitted against one-another in the name of YouTube – for…

The Today FM Inter-Show Office Olympics!

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 10 15.05

Aww – look at Dempsey there at the back. He didn’t even know what day it was. You can watch the whole thing right here. WARNING: I may have taken the whole thing a bit too seriously.


happy day...

Ladies and gentlemen, after years of trying, I'm glad to inform you I've perfected the stir-fry.

Secret ingredients? Cornflour and fresh ginger. Boom!

Here’s that video of the poor guy who dislocated his shoulder at the Olympics:

And here’s the vid we were watching the podcast: